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Easy to move

Cabrita is loved by all rental centers for his towability by all cars and utility vehicles equipped with a 2’’ ball trailer hitch.

The mini excavator is equipped of a standard wiring signal lights. On transport, a security locking system prevents all dangerous motions due to the breakage of any parts of the swing and the boom system.

The tow bar is equipped with a sliding leg support to couple and uncouple the hitch easier to the towing vehicle. The reversible tow bar can be used with an 8 inches or 15 inches according with the trailer hitch ball height from the ground.


Cabrita demonstration with optionnal thumb


Long version

Installation on a vehicule:

Optionnal thumb:



360° continuous rotation

The mini towable excavator Cabrita is the only one of his range to have a 360 degrees continuous rotation. The operator can choose the best direction works, forward, backward or sideways without leaving his seat.

Forward, backward, and sideturns movements are done when lifting the shoe legs with the bucket, moving the booms to have the appropriate action. For maximum performance the works are executed on wheelside or wheel and shoe leg side. This is to permit to the shoes to be anchored on the ground. The 360 degrees continuous rotation make of the Cabrita your first choice equipment.

Powerful and accurate

The mini excavator ‘’ cabrita md ‘’ can dig a trench or a hole of 75 inches deep. It can lift up a 385 pounds load in the bucket with full extended booms. Loading can be done over a 60 inches topside trailer from the ground level. On work position the mini excavator keeps all his uncredible self performance during his 360 degrees continuous rotation.


Cabrita - VTT


Technical information







Open cab
Weight of the excavator

Kg (pounds )

454 ( 1000 )

Bucket ( standard )


M3 ( pi3 )

Mm ( in.)

0.03 ( 1.2 )

355 ( 14 )



1 cylinder, 4 stroke, overhead valves, air cooled.


GX 240

Displacement cc ( in3 )

119 ( 7.3 )

Horse power

Honda 3.9 h.p. @ 3600 rpm

Operarion speed

2500 rpm

Fuel consumption

0.51 lb/hbh


Swing speed

3.5 rpm @ 2500


Swing angle

360 degrés continuous


Depth of digging 75 in.

Height of loading 60 in.

Lifting capacity ( all booms extended )

255 kg ( 562 pounds. )


Minimum width

28 in.


Width closed 58 in.

Working width 69 in.

Height for transport 70 in.

Minimum height 43 in.

Lenght for transport 94 in.

Total lenght ( all booms extended ) 164 in.


Swing radius ( all booms extended )

Digging force at the bucket

123 in.

3319 pounds

Operating pressure

2250 psi.

Fuel tank capacity
2.5 li. ( 0.95 US gal. )
Options Bucket 10’’



Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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